1. Good guy Tour Eiffel, marking exactly the point 5km of my morning jog. (à Tour Eiffel)

  2. Cine (Taken with Cinemagram)

  3. Cine (Taken with Cinemagram)

  5. presso 명동입구 (ID: 02-150)

  6. Look at me, soldier.

  7. Hello there.

    Yep, yep, I know. Most of you where thinking I was dead or something.

    Oh, well, if you have time, let me tell you a history.
    Last semester was my last semester at university, and theoretically my last semester in Korea. I had to deal with school exams and those papers that we all are used, plus a short time in europe well expended in professionalizing training courses, language(s) proficiency(ies) test(s), and well, research and write time for my thesis, besides the crazy thing about running after an intern/job/what-I-am-gonna-do-with-my-life-thing.
     All these things resulted in no more than 26 photos (less than an entire film roll) in 6 months spent in Korea, last semester. 
     And now you all know why I was absent from social networks (and even from social life, if you know me in person) 

    I must say that all this headache is over now.
    My Graduation Ceremony will be hold Sunday, February 24th, 2013. 

     And I got a 6 months intern in Korea. Yei! 

    So well, now you know.
    Hope you all have a nice week - and a nice new year (in both lunar and solar calendar!)

    Clara P. 

  10. Autumn I

  11. No filter. G’day Seoul.

  12. Yesterday, getting lost in Chinatown while eating some wonderful Chinese snacks. Lucky me, that had Yufei translating/explaining/reading everything haha (Pris avec Instagram à 대림)

  13. Pris avec Instagram à 대림